This is a (demo of our) game to learn about fact-checking, convincing, collaborating and - potentially also shamelessly- faking news, by doing it! While these are important life-skills in any case, they become critical in a crisis, where coordinated social action is the only way out. 

We present to you 'Rawrer', the Cretacian version of Twitter, where the dinosaur community circulate news about the ongoing Volcano crisis and try to spread the word on how they should best address it.

- - <meta_notes> --

With our tweets, and re-tweets, we inadvertently shape reality. Whatever occupies our thoughts and communication space as a collective, might have varying levels of underlying truth, but it shapes our interpretations and, hence, our reactions, which in turn will actualize 'realities'. 

Are we aware of that process? Are we also aware of the power we each have, as nodes of the social communication network? Finally, "with great power comes great responsibility": up to what moral standards do we hold ourselves?

- - <\meta_notes> --

Please share your feedback with us here!

It is valuable! :D

Development log


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We are Super Honored to have received Honorary Mention in the 2020 Complexity Game Jam for our tongue-in-cheek approach to the infodemic with our game 'Rawrer'!  

Looking forward to next year! :D

Here's a link to the

Live streaming of the award ceremony

for you to check out all the rest of the amazing submissions!

Rawrer is now hosted online as WebGL! Enjoy directly from your browser :) 

Did you know you can hit 'Esc' key to open up an Options menu? No? Well, if you didn't know, now you know. 

The game's final format is 1) multiplayer and 2)on mobile! 
Currently, the posted file is a single player version demo that runs on Windows! Mobile app version for Android coming soon!